We offer a professional proofreading and editing service from our offices based in London and Sheffield (UK). We specialise in proofreading student essays, course work, assignments, reports, reviews, posters, abstracts, manuscripts, theses, dissertations, presentations, job applications, CV's, etc., to suit your deadline. We largely cater for postgraduate, undergraduate and college students.


We are not an essay writing service, so will not offer to write your essay for you as we strictly adhere to guidelines on proofreading.


Our team of proofreaders ALL have PhD qualifications and have over 20 years of academic proofreading experience, gained from leading UK Universities.


Our proofreaders have held academic positions in leading UK Universities and have themselves been examiners for a wide range of University courses (PhD, MSc, MEd, BSc, Diploma, etc). Collectively, we have published over 200 peer-reviewed manuscripts.


We have proofread/ edited work for students from all over the world such as: China, Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Brazil, Mexico, USA, Poland, Germany, France, South Africa, UAE, UK, Russia, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan,  as well as other European countries.



Some of our team members:





Dr. Nigel Bird, MEd, PhD., obtained his PhD from the University of Sheffield in 1989, and a MEd in Teaching and Learning (2000).  He has worked at the University of Sheffield as a Lecturer for over 30 years, and has published over 100 peer reviewed manuscripts. He has supervised a number of PhD and MSc level students and has taught Medical students. His hobbies include squash, golf and mountain walking.






Dr. Ishtiaq Rehman, MSc, PG CiLT, PhD., obtained his MSc in Medical Biotechnology and PhD in Molecular Genetics from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne (UK). He then completed post-doctoral work at the National Cancer Institute, (USA).  He has worked at the University of Leeds, and as a Lecturer at the University of Sheffield for over 17 years, and has published 50 peer-reviewed manuscripts. He has considerable experience of working with students who have have dyslexia. His hobbies include football, cycling, model car racing and camping.




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Dr. Mike Barker, PhD., obtained his PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Sheffield in 1989, and a MEd in Teaching and Learning for Lecturers in Higher Education (2000). He has worked at the University of Sheffield as a Lecturer for over 30 years, and has published over 100 peer reviewed manuscripts. He has supervised a number of PhD and MSc level students and has taught Medical students. His hobbies include squash, golf and mountain walking.